We optimize the supply processes of key suppliers in the technology and healthcare industries, improving delivery reliability, inventory turns and lead times, maximizing production flow efficiency and agility and minimizing the environmental footprint. We help contract & component manufacturers and wholesalers to forecast demand, plan and execute optimal deliveries.



Maximize customer value and productivity while minimizing total costs with Logate:

Our high-service customers produce customized products with mass production efficiency thanks to using Logates services.

For original equipment manufacturers:
LOGATE optimizes production flow efficiency, ensures continuous availability of needed materials, and adds agility to the production process. It integrates suppliers into the production process and provides visibility into material availability.

For contract manufactures:
LOGATE helps to forecast demand, schedule production and integrate deliveries into the customer’s optimized process.

For component manufacturers and wholesalers:
LOGATE helps in demand forecasting, replenishment optimization and supply planning allowing you to successfully integrate into your customer’s optimized process.


What is Logate:

With Logate Optimization, our customers achieve efficient production flow through optimized deliveries from their partner network.

Delivery reliability achieved:


Material management workload


Production throughput


Turning the circular economy into a profitable business

Logate Circular is a service that makes the circular economy a profitable business for you. Our platform minimizes your environmental footprint. Our professionals will build a turnkey circular economy business concept for you, including information security, audits, refurbishments and developing supply chain collaboration as if it were own department. We also take care of resourcing your supply chain operations.

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Logate Nature footprint™ finds out the benefits in a day

Book a completely risk-free LOGATE MAPPER™ Start- 45 min remote sparring. Contact us today to book a remote appointment using the  calendar or online form or call 020 765 9999.

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What is said about Logate by our customers:

“With Logate, we have built a Lean concept and operations between PaloDEx and our suppliers.”

Mikko Kaipia, COO
Palodex Group

Published in Kauppalehti:

“We have doubled the revenue from the same walls.”

Petteri Hämäläinen, Production manager
Palodex Group

“From the very beginning, it was clear to us that we shared a common vision with Logate. From the first presentation, we believed that they would deliver what they promised.

Terhi Nyman, CEO
Okaria Oy

“Once the first development project finish, Logate was able to provide practical solutions and continue support them even after the initial project.”

Chriss Lehtonen, Sourching Director
Beneq Oy

Beneq customer experience with Logate Scanner: a concrete development path and strong employee involvement in the change

Logate company video

Cooperation between Logate and Okaria is built on mutual trust

Customer story

Doupling the factory capacity

An assembly company improved the efficiency of its operations with our supplier network management service.

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