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Our comprehensive supply chain planning and management tool is designed to meet your needs

Logate SIMO™ is a software service that doubles your delivery capacity. It assists you in optimizing your sourcing, managing your supply chain, and automating your processes. The system also includes interfaces for production, procurement, and suppliers.  Furthermore, this system enables you to oversee the finalization of outgoing products and facilitates communication with your customers. The system improves the visibility of your supply chain, enabling collaborative planning, proactive delivery preparation and increased productivity. Our professionals will also assist you in using the platform.

Logate SIMO™ proactively optimizes and manages your delivery performance.



SIMO optimizes your production flow efficiency, productivity, and service capability holistically. Our platform designs and manages your supply chain characteristics and risk plans to meet your unique process requirements and objectives.


  • Procurement planning
  • Planning and control of deliveries
  • Joint planning and materials availability forecasting
  • Automated replenishment ordering and control to workstations
  • Supply chain synchronization and control of deliveries to workstations
  • Management of commercial warehouses
  • Supply chain performance and sustainability dashboard


  • Inventory optimization and management
  • Pre-preparation and pre-settling of goods
  • Planning and control of inbound logistics
  • Control of deliveries from suppliers to the workstations
  • Optimization of materials and workflow in the workstation
  • Management of returns
  • Forecasting capacity requirements and workload


  • Planning and control of outbound deliveries
  • Delivery management
  • Finalization of products and shipments
  • Last Mile management
  • Inventory management and demand forecasting throughout the supply chain

Visibility into your supply chain

The SIMO platform gives you visibility into the status of your orders in your supply chain. Stay up to date with your deliveries. Reduce unnecessary hassle and proactively tackle the right problems.

Through reporting, you also see up-to-date information on actual performance, accountability and costs.


Tools for partners to get involved in your process. By sharing visibility into your consumption and forecast data, your partners are able to provide accurate, real-time reports on their planned pre-orders, shipment orders and actual replenishments. By using the Logate SIMO platform, you will increase speed and cycle time throughout the supply chain and reduce waste.


You optimize both your flow efficiency and the customer experience you deliver, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and increased customer retention. As a customer, you are free to determine the parameters that are most appropriate for your needs to be able to efficiently manage your entire network. Optimize your supply chain to reduce waste and enhance sustainability.

Improve your customer satisfaction

You successfully fulfill your customers’ more complex requests without need to provide an explanation for delays. You maintain regular communication with your customers regarding delivery status. The customer is the focal point of the service at every stage of the supply chain.

Proactive planning

You provide timely guidance and take a proactive approach. Non-disruptive action saves you money.  You provide greater value, greater agility, same time avoiding unnecessary costs.

Always competitive solutions

Our services include no installations or separate upgrades. We maintain our systems as a service, and our platform is constantly evolving. Our professionals create solutions for your needs quickly and accurately.


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