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Logate Outsourcing Services – freeing up your time

Logate Outsourcing Services is a continuous high level of logistics and material services both on and off your premises. Our contract services are tailored to your specific requirements and can be adapted to suit your changing needs. They enable you to maintain a high level of production and meet the needs of your customers.

Our company has extensive experience in the tendering process for services, audits, and guidance for partners. We manage your risks and monitor your interests on your behalf. Furthermore, we address discrepancies on your behalf.



The services consist of, for example:

  • Management of replenishments and monitoring for deliveries
  • Filling and distribution to your workstations
  • Pre-preparation of materials
  • Warehouse and logistics center services
  • Routing and scheduled deliveries
  • Returns management

The service process includes e.g.

  • Capacity and forecasting to meet your needs
  • Resources optimized for you
  • Trained staff
  • A process tailored to your requirements
  • Up-to-date monitoring and incident management

Contract Services for Lean and Agile Operating Models

Services optimized for you and designed for pioneers free you to focus on your core business, improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

Logate Synkro™

Logate Synkro™ is a routing and transport management service. Synkro monitors scheduled shipments from suppliers directly to your sites. We take care of forecasting, planning, scheduling, routing, transportation and reporting.

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Logate Supermarket™

Logate Supermarket™ is a warehouse and supermarket service. Supermarket takes care of the ordering, handling and control of your standard products from our warehouse and slitting facility.

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Logate Minimarket™

Logate Minimarket™ is a smart shelving and racking service that replenishes your warehouse with small and inexpensive materials, freeing your employees to focus on productive work.

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Logate Aftermarket™

Logate Aftermarket™ provides a comprehensive finishing service for your product, ensuring it is ready for the market. We provide installation of accessories, documentation, and consumables. We provide your packaging with codes, logos, and business brands. We are responsible for all transportation and service at the customer’s site.

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Improve your customer satisfaction

You successfully fulfill your customers’ more complex requests without need to provide an explanation for delays. You maintain regular communication with your customers regarding delivery status. The customer is the focal point of the service at every stage of the supply chain.

Optimize your resource use – Streamline your supply chain

We offer flexible resources and optimized processes to meet your specific needs. Non-disruptive operations result in cost savings.

Always competitive solutions

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing quickly and accurately tailored solutions to meet your needs. Automation is available to you. You maintain your competitive edge in the face of change.

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