Logate Circular™ – From circular economy to profitable business as a service

The Logate Circular™ service is an innovative, ongoing solution that enables businesses to profit from the circular economy. Our platform is designed to minimize your environmental footprint.

It is estimated that the circular economy has the potential to generate up to €4.1 billion in business opportunities by 2030.

Logate Circular is a service that helps businesses identify and capitalize on circular economy opportunities, positioning them for success in the sustainable business landscape of the future. The service enables the simulation and optimization of new circular economy business models based on data and taking into account changes in legislation. With over 15 years of experience, Logate is a visionary and reliable partner on the journey to circular economy leadership.

Our professionals will build your circular economy business as a turnkey service, taking care of your data security, audits and refurbishments, and developing supply chain collaboration as if it were your own department. We also take care of resourcing your supply chain operations.




The structure of the service:

  • A complimentary survey visit to discuss the circular economy objectives and opportunities.
  • A strategy workshop to build an overall view of the customer’s circular economy target state of the customer and identify new circular economy-based business concepts based on the circular economy.
  • A simulation to validate the new the operating models of new business concepts and learn about best practices from around the world.
  • Our continuous optimization efforts are aimed at achieving a circular economy. This involves improving operating models, best practices and impact assessments.
  • New concepts to create a long-term competitive advantage based on the circular economy.


The circular economy from consumption to profit

Building new circular economy business models and simulating opportunities.

Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation

Compliance with legal obligations and regulation is made easy as a service, freeing up your time for your core activities.

Forerunner brand benefits

Designing circular economy supply chains and managing supplier networks and reputational risk are key responsibilities.

want to make profit with circular economy?

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