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Are you able to meet the demands of your customers in a timely manner and provide them with an exceptional customer experience? It is even possible that you will make a significant profit from this venture.

Or are supply chains experiencing disruptions, with material management becoming increasingly challenging and deliveries delayed, while inventories are growing, and customers are not receiving the products they desire? It is possible that your production is being reorganized according to the orders that are being fulfilled and customers are being informed of the changes. It is also possible that your margins are being negatively affected. Is your ability to deliver a competitive advantage?

Logate’s experts will facilitate the implementation of your strategic changes and assist you in defining and prioritizing your development priorities. Our effective facilitated workshops and change management model will deliver results, save you time, and reduce your risks.

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Clear focus

A shared vision of the necessity for change based on your business vision and future market requirements

Rapid benefits

Prioritized pathway and definitions of development priorities

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Logate’s Roadmap to Change

A concept and expertise that are both effective and well-developed will yield positive results. The changes are divided into manageable units that can be implemented in 1-3-month sprints. The return on investment begins when the solutions are implemented in the production. Typical payback periods are 9-12 months, with some projects achieving results in as little as 6-9 months.



Logate Scanner™ strategy workshop

The Logate Radar™ strategy workshop identifies and prioritizes supply chain and material flow change needs over the next 1-3 years to facilitate the implementation of fast and effective change projects.

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Logate Process Workshop™

The Logate Process Workshop™ is a facilitated development workshop designed to effectively deepen understanding of best practices in a focused area and build customer-specific supply chain and materials management processes. Logate’s experienced SCM Accelerator™ consultants are available to assist you.

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Logate Simulation™

Logate Simulation™ is a service that efficiently models your future processes and simulates the results.  With simulation, you can reduce risk, make rapid and cost-effective development iterations, and effectively substantiate changes and messages. Logate’s experienced SCM Accelerator™ consultants are at your service.

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Logate Foresight™ Future Workshop

Logate Foresight™ is a service that helps you gain insight into the future of your business and customer behavior. The service offers the chance to examine future developments and the factors driving change, as well as to create sustainable circular economy and business concepts for the future.

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Logate Project™

The Logate Project™ is a comprehensive project management and resourcing solution designed to facilitate supply chain changes, including those related to operating models, systems, outsourcing, inventory, and production. It is the comprehensive management of business discontinuity. The typical duration for change journeys is between four and twelve weeks. To facilitate management, larger projects are divided into smaller sub-projects.

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Logate’s agile supply chain development path

The productivity and service performance of most organizations is contingent upon their supplier network. Our effective partner network transformation and capability development program is delivering rapid results. The changes are divided into manageable units, allowing for successful implementation in 1–3-month sprints. The return on investment begins when the solutions are implemented. Typical payback periods are 9-12 months, with some instances of faster returns.

Logate Supplier Network Excellence Review™

The Logate Suppliers Excellence Review™ is a facilitated mapping of your supplier network’s strategic capability and collaboration levels. This process effectively creates supplier development plans and provides an overall picture of key supplier readiness.

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Logate Supplier Network Excellence Program™

The Logate Supplier Network Excellence Program™ is a facilitated strategic capability and collaboration development program for your supplier network. It effectively leads change with key suppliers based on development plans. The project typically involves a team of 10 to 20 key suppliers.

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