Shelving services offer flexibility and eliminate interruptions

Starting point:

The customer’s production was significantly impacted by unexpected disruptions in supplier deliveries, resulting in costly delays and interruptions. A significant amount of time was spent by key personnel organizing production, locating missing parts, and rescheduling customer deliveries. These disruptions were subsequently reflected back to the end customer when agreed schedules could not be met.


The company has decided to streamline its logistics and improve customer service by implementing Logate’s replenishment management and shelving services. The objective was to achieve 100% delivery reliability and optimize delivery costs. Improving product management also played a pivotal role.

As a result of the shelving service, production productivity and quality have been brought under control and product availability is dramatically improved compared to the initial situation. The company’s sales increased significantly as end-customers found it quicker and easier to buy. At the same time, the company saved more than 10% of the total cost of the delivery process. Production and delivery rescheduling due to shortages was virtually eliminated and customer satisfaction improved significantly.

Benefits of the solution

  • Significantly more flexible and streamlined operations accelerated sales
  • Elimination of time theft by key personnel
  • Deviations were also minimized, and customer satisfaction improved significantly due to the lack of disruption
  • 10% savings in total cost of delivery process
  • Small and foreign suppliers were also brought on board to the same operational model

What is the best delivery process for you?

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