We offer procurement and supply chain management services that can be adapted to your specific needs, whether you require part-time assistance or a full-time support team.

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Procurement and Supply Chain Management as a Service

Are you interested in transforming your supply chain and enhancing your productivity? Do you require additional personnel, part-time assistance, or a full team to assist you? Do you require personnel to facilitate change initiatives or to oversee daily operations?

Our procurement and supply chain management service offers a solution that can double your delivery capacity. It enables you to meet your customers’ demands. The service thinks and manages in a manner similar to that of a typical in-house manager and team. The team is comprised of supply chain and procurement management professionals, with a network of domain experts available as needed.

The service is particularly suited to supporting agile, Lean, and mass customization approaches in environments where success and service performance are paramount. The service provides guidance to suppliers and optimizes material flow to maximize production flow efficiency and service performance. Experts develop your partner network’s operating procedures to align with your needs. Additionally, the experts oversee and manage any deviations and process maintenance. The service allows you to concentrate on your core business activities.


The service process can include following:

  • Optimizes material flow and controls deliveries to enhance production flow efficiency.
  • Actively oversees the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations, addressing any issues and implementing corrective measures as needed
  • Identifies the optimal processes and approaches for your needs, taking into account the capabilities of your network
  • Anticipates and resources your needs, creates visibility for your suppliers on actual consumption
  • Monitors and evaluates the achievement of objectives and recommends strategies for improvement
  • Maintains and develops resources, guidance, baseline data and optimization
  • Quality management, supplier audits and management of development plans
  • Assess and implements risk management plans
  • Service tendering, annual contract negotiation and change management
  • Up-to-date communication with your partner network

The control tower service can be complemented by:

  • System platform as a service for supply chain optimization and control, including replenishment controls for workstations, warehouses, and transportation. We also offer RFID kanban controls, supplier and network performance and sustainability reporting, and more.
  • Outsourcing service contracts to ensure successful operations.
  • Consultancy services and Future Workshops



Improve your customer satisfaction

You successfully fulfill your customers’ more complex requests without need to provide an explanation for delays. You maintain regular communication with your customers regarding delivery status. The customer is the focal point of the service at every stage of the supply chain.

Optimize your resource use – Streamline your supply chain

We offer flexible resources and optimized processes to meet your specific needs. Non-disruptive operations result in cost savings.

Always competitive solutions

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing quickly and accurately tailored solutions to meet your needs. Automation is available to you. You maintain your competitive edge in the face of change.

Sourcing and supply chain management as an comprehensive service

The most effective concepts, shared teams and up-to-date tools, both on your premises and remotely. A comprehensive service built around your needs and flexible to changing situations.

Logate Semafori™

Logate Semafori™ is a comprehensive service for optimizing and managing your supply chain. Semafori optimizes and ensures your productivity by managing your continuous flow of materials. It gives you visibility of your supply chain in terms of consumption and availability. It is a system platform with service and care and a team of professionals with a large (contract) toolbox.

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Logate Circular™

Logate Circular™ is a complete solution for managing your circular economy business as a service. It turns your supply chain sustainability and product lifecycle management into revenue for you, allowing you to focus on what matters.

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Logate SuperVisor RPA™

Logate SuperVisor RPA™ is a software robotics service that automates your delivery process routines and the management of customer and product specific requirements from your desktop. It integrates with your existing systems and efficiently implements processes in a human-independent manner. Our platform is backed by our extensive experience in customer requirements and quality management.

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Logate SCM Visibility™

Logate SCM Visibility™ is a reporting platform for managing your supply chain as a service. It provides up-to-the-date visibility into the status of your supply chain, measures performance and accountability, and generates a product dispute forecast for your suppliers. It allows you to focus on your core business.

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